Programs Designed Especially for Your Child's Growth and Development

All Programs incorporate these important developmental skills:
Discipline, Control, Coordination, Focus, Fitness, Memory, Teamwork & Balance

Daring Dragons (3-4 yrs.)

Watch their independence soar as they learn self-reliance, cooperation and responsibility.  Classes will include martial arts for discipline and control, yoga for balance and focus, games for teamwork and coordination, and animal cards for creativity and character building. 

5-7 yrs.

This program will incorporate martial art techniques to sharpen their discipline, focus and control skills… certain to build a healthier self-esteem by encouraging leadership qualities.  Students  will learn kicks, strikes and blocks by using pads, as well as learning basic self-defense techniques such as how to fall properly, how to use eye contact and how to find their voice or "power within".

Spectrum Classes (5-7 yrs.)

Spectrum Classes Tweens (8-15 yrs.)

This class is designed especially for children with Aspergers or who are on the autism spectrum. We will concentrate on building social/personal skills such as: cooperation, teamwork, verbal and auditory listening, facial/body cues, healthy frustration outlets and respect for oneself/others as we use martial arts strikes, blocks and kicks to build focus, discipline and self control. We will tone core muscle groups to promote a healthy body image and conduct weekly "mat chats" to encourage group solidarity. Ultimately, students will learn how to choose peace instead of anxiety and how to remain calm when facing adversity.

Tweens (8-12 yrs.)

This high energy class with lots of fitness will teach the basics of Tae Kwon Do, including blocks, kicks and strikes. Students will also learn forms or katas as well as practical self defense techniques. Since this group will be focusing on working with their peers, this age group will be held to a higher level of discipline and control while integrating a quiet confidence. 

Empowerment For Girls

This class is designed for young ladies only Ages 8 & up! Students will learn practical, easy techniques to defend themselves in challenging situations. Martial arts kicks, blocks and strikes combined with strength building exercises are sure to bring forth the warrior within. We will also examine how to set healthy boundaries, use our voice, uncover our value system and identify any red flags in a relationship that may lead to emotional and physical harm. With all of this combined, the student will be able to lead a more peaceful, authentic and courageous life. Register your daughter today!