About the Instructor:

Kathy Bucher, known to her students as Ms. Kathy, is the owner and head instructor of Transformation Martial Arts, LLC.  Kathy started taking Tae Kwon Do with her son in 2002 and fell in love with the mental and physical challenge it offered.  After a few years of receiving instruction, she was asked to be the Head Instructor of the Children’s classes at that school where she realized that teaching was more a calling than a vocation.

Starting her own program in 2009, Kathy has taught over 1000 students through her recreational programs in Carlisle and Hampden Townships, summer camps, After school programs for CV School District, Dickinson College Children’s Center and Tender Years Child Development Center to name a few.

Kathy’s philosophy is that every student has an untapped potential inside of them.  Martial Arts sets the foundation by teaching focus, discipline and self-control.  These core skills, when cultivated, creates a strength that leads to a healthy self-esteem. When practiced over time, the student begins to acquire a deeper sense of self, where empathy and kindness for their fellow man resides. These attributes will promote a happy, fulfilling life. 

When she isn’t on the floor teaching, Kathy enjoys taking Martial Arts classes, gardening, exploring people, places and things and being in nature.